A case study promoting the use of Architects on digital delivery projects.

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Case Study
Architecture roles, responsibilities & products

The problem

The client wanted to promote the use of Architects on digital delivery projects, but was unable to articulate their value, and evidence what they could bring. There were multiple roles which were charged out individually to their customers on projects, but customers were not sure why they needed different types of Architects, and what each would deliver. As a result, they questioned why they needed them. Considering that they were expected to pay high rates for these specialist roles, the take-up of Architecture was in decline.

What we did

As we had already developed a Data Architecture Service Catalogue, we recommended using the same approach across other areas of Architecture, in the Business, Solution, Enterprise, Technical and Security domains. We came up with a roles and responsibilities matrix, covering all stages of agile and waterfall project delivery. This RACI matrix (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted and Informed) allowed us to identify which roles should produce which products, at what stage. This also allowed the client to identify what was needed prior to starting transformation, i.e. what should be made available to them by the Architecture function, in consultation with the business. We also designed templates for each product.

The result

The client was able to measure performance of their Architects, communicate its expectations of them, and ensure consistent delivery. Their customers could see what they would produce, how much it would cost, and the value it would add. They would also ensure they received consistent products, no matter which Architect was assigned to which project.

The client was able to build up an enterprise repository of products, which described the information technology estate for future transformation.

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