A Case Study on Establishing a Data Architecture Service

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Case Study
Establishing a Data Architecture Service

We were commissioned to define and establish a Data Architecture Service to contribute to the client’s “data driven” aspirations and complement their existing data transformation team. The client (around 10k employees) held little to no information about their data estate, and projects were technology led, often leading to over-engineered solutions that kept the data locked up in the vendor’s software.

We created and implemented a Data Architecture Framework which was designed to complement existing Architecture and Data teams, and the organisation’s project management framework. We:

  • Created role profiles and recruited > 65 Data Architects, Domain Enterprise Architects and Technical Data Analysts
  • Selected a Data Architecture Repository which could be used to design, produce and generate data artefacts
  • Produced data product descriptions and templates
  • Implemented standards to ensure the client’s data was consistently and accurately described
  • Designed a governance and assurance process, that could peer review and certify products that contributed to Technical Design Boards and Authorities
  • Produced a Target Operating Model for Data Architecture
  • Produced the Enterprise Data Model
  • Produced Data Technology Roadmaps and Patterns
  • Established collaborative working with other Data Architect Subject Matter Experts across the client’s sector

Within 2 years the client’s Data Architecture team is now one of the most mature in its sector and is seen as an exemplar.

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