A case study communicating the value of Data Architecture.

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Case Study
Communicating the value of a Data Architecture Service

The problem

The client wanted to introduce a new Data Architecture service, and embed the practice into project and programme delivery. However, there were several challenges: how to work with an existing and established Architecture team, how to provide self-funded resources to project delivery teams unfamiliar with data architecture, and promoting the value of the new service.

What we did

We developed a business case and roadmap outlining what could be delivered over a year in quarterly periods. We developed a framework for the team to work with, including minimum viable products that worked with both waterfall and agile deliveries. We developed data assurance methods for projects, to enable them to fast-track design authority approval. We worked with the established Architect team, evidencing where our products could complement their delivery - in some cases, we consolidated products. We held sessions with communities of practice to promote the new service, and showcased the products that would enhance their projects. We offered pre-sales consultations to help promote the service.

The result

The client was able to see clearly how Data Architecture could improve project delivery, and fast-track gate assurance for service management. They also saw consistent delivery from the service offering, and were provided with evidence on how far their data architects met the organisation’s standards. Demand for the data architecture service increased from an initial core team of 3 to more than 60 team members, and the work produced has resulted in an enterprise-wide framework and repository of data models, diagrams and information management artefacts.

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